The Corona Virus.

Hi everyone its grace again. I know I haven’t added a post in a while. Well I made a poem because of this hard time, and I hope you enjoy it. I am bored. And so are you. School is cancelled. Nothing to do. We do zoom. It’s not the same. But I hope you […]

The Holidays!

Hi everyone! Me again. I thought today I could tell you what I do for the holidays! For me I am Jewish and Cristian. So I celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas! So usually I do all the days of Hanukkah and we go to a family Hanukkah every year!  Then for Christmas we make cookies […]

Introducing me!

Hi you’re probably wondering who I am? Well my name is Grace. I have two brothers who are twins. I have my mom and dad. I have a dog and a cat. I have many friends! Come along with my journey of interesting topics, or don’t. It’s your decision!  But if you do come along […]